What is NoSQLt?

NoSQL database for the time domain data
NoSQLt (TM) real-time / historical database (NoSQL database for the time domain data), is completely independent intellectual property rights developed by Haikou NoSQLt West-sea Data Technology Co., Ltd., Specialized called for the environment of real-time data monitoring system, Efficient processing of time domain data of the Industrial NoSQL real-time / historical database.

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  • User's manual NoSQLt V3.0.4
    NoSQLt real-time / historical database has the characteristics of high reliability, high security, high stability[...]

  • NoSQLt API Development specifications
    NoSQLt API is an Application Programming Interface provided by NoSQLt real-time/historical database platform for users[...]

  • NoSQLt_v3.0.4_x86 version updated API and tool username and password encryption, So different from previous versions API and tool.

  • Optimize client software buffer;
  • Add filter api function;
  • Improve the annotation of api function;
  • Add filter interview interface;
  • Ini adds the function of bonding external service IP.
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